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The following people have made their original written and technical contributions to the Digital Dickens Notes Project: Scott Bailey, Anna Gibson, Frankie Goodenough, Adam Grener, and Isabel Parker (see Project Team). Authors and transcribers are cited at the top of each page. Where no author is provided, the work is a collaborative product of the project team led by the project directors, Anna Gibson and Adam Grener. The website was designed by Scott Bailey with assistance from Niqui O’Neill.

Homepage image: ”Dickens’ Dream” by Robert William Buss (1875), unfinished oil painting, Charles Dickens Museum, London.


The project team is grateful for the support and assistance of the archivists at the National Art Library of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, where most of Dickens’s manuscripts are held as part of the Forster Collection. Special thanks to Catherine Yvard and Douglas Dodds, and to the Board of Trustees of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

We are also grateful for the support and assistance of the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, which holds the Our Mutual Friend manuscripts.

The project team would like to acknowledge the generous support of Te Herenga Waka–Victoria University of Wellington; North Carolina State University Department of English; the Wimmer Family Foundation; Duquesne University’s NEH Endowment Fund; the Duke PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge; and NINES.

All images credited © Victoria & Albert Museum, London come from the V&A’s “Explore the Collections” website, which features many images of Dickens’s manuscripts and Working Notes.

Finally, we extend our gratitude to John Bowen and Douglas Dodds for their input and assistance. Their Deciphering Dickens Project is working to digitize and crowd-source transcriptions for the Dickens manuscripts (including the Working Notes) held at the V&A.

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